Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Campaign

Variety is a good thing. I know several people were wanting to try some different things. I myself want to start playing the Dwarf army as well as the Wood Elfs in the small campaign and the Warriors of Chaos in the big one. But I want to mix it up a little bit more, try an army that can shoot AND fight. I thought maybe some others would want to as well, so I will present you an option.

Anyone who wants to play 2 armies in the big campaign will be allowed to do so if they fulfill the following conditions:

1) they get me both lists by Saturday the 5th
2) They have websites for both built and the links forwarded to me by Saturday the 5th

Note: To win the campaign with just one army, you need to control 50%+1 of the supply centers, or 3/4 together with an ally. If you use 2 armies, you will not be allowed to negotiate deals with other players, nor to ally with them, though you CAN and should ally with yourself. However, you will need to control 2/3rds of the supply centers between your two armies to win.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Friday or Off-White Saturday

I would definitely be interested in playing a game on either Friday or Saturday if anyone else would, although I can only do one or the other. Anyone else feel like playing?

Also, if someone feels like playing my victim(s) for the small campaign as well, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Big Campaign

Time to get the Lord-Level campaign started. Go here for starting location, rules questions, etc.

Also, to make it easier to keep track of all the information, please make a Web page for your army. Here is a template you are welcome to follow.

Bravenet is free to use or, if you wish, you can certainly build your own page. I am A) poor and B) suck at building web pages, hence my use of bravenet :-)

Please leave comment here when you have viewed and accepted your assignment.

Note: your campaign lists and first moves are due by December 5th, with first games taking place December 12th

Friday, November 13, 2009


Lets go with 1500 points. Anyone who has videocamera, please bring. Tripod as well if you have one.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Campaign, Nov 14th, and Black Friday

Need to know what everyone is doing with their points and their next move for November 14th.

Also, what are we doing after those match-ups?

Also, Friday after Thanksgiving, and the Saturday, who would be interested in the following game:

Every model you have assembled, arranged in what you consider their best unit sizes/options except everything is What You See is What You Get...i.e. if your unit has spears, that is what they have, not 2 hand weapons or Great Weapons or whatever...though you CAN have say...20 guys where the front row shows Great Weapons, the guys behind spears, so you say the unit has Great Weapons.

Put the armies together, only 1 Lord choice for each army, all other models that are heroes can only be hero level.

Put together total points, we will arrange into 2 roughly balanced teams and have a massive, massive game. Interest level?

Last but not least, how many of us have video cameras? I would love to riff on the Office style action/interviews. We videotape the game from as mane angles as possible, including people's reaction shots, dice rolls, and so forth, intersperse some interviews, and make a "movie" of a game (probably not the BIG game as that would take forever!) and I will edit it and make us each a DVD.