Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday, October 24th

Tracy will be out of town, so Fullur is up for 2nd game this month. Darth Weasel is always up for a game. Anyone else interested in a game Saturday the 24th?

At Kens or at Critical Hit?


I am up for either place, any points total. Would prefer to try at least 1500 points of Chaos Dwarfs, maybe more, but could be convinced to go with either Warriors of Chaos or Wood Elfs...or, for that matter, I would be willing to roll regular Dwarfs, Vampire Counts, or even the *gasp* Goblins. Or Lizarmen if Fullur is playing someone else :-)

So let me know. And everyone else.

Might be a good chance for Kev to get in his two campaign games...or even to get Liam some 2250 point no dragons, no special characters practice in case he makes it to the tournament next month.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Campaign Move 1

Kenneths War banner 1, The Deadly Undeadly versus Liam, 250 point Vampire Counts in Marseilles

Liam, Sevapolitian Crusaders versus Ken, 500 point Lizardmen in Armenia

Phillip, Captain Nemo vs. Drew, 500 point Chaos Dwarf in St. Petersburg

Drew, The Leaves of Asrai versys Phillip, 500 point Goblins in Bulgaria

Games that need set up

Kevin, War banner 1, versus 200 points of Vampire Counts in Burgundy
kevin, War banner 2, versus 175 points of Dark Elfs in Picardy

Someone please get together with Kevin and set up to play those two. If Ken is the one for whatever reason, instead of Dark Elfs, use Ogres.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Need volunteers

Need someone to build a 500 point Goblin army. (Cannot be Drew)
Need someone to build a 250 point Vampire Count army (cannot be Ken)
Need someone to build a 500 point Dark Elf army.

I will build the other army.

If you choose to build the goblins, I have a list of available models.
If you choose to build the Vampire Counts, I have a list of available models.
If you choose Dark Elf, ask ken for list of models.

Need to know ASAP so I can post the actual match-ups for Saturday. First come, first serve on building the random armies.

Also, I think Cris elected not to play, Kev and Josh, if you two can get me your first moves before Saturday, we will work out a way to get you games as well.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday, campaign

I have the first moves for Phillip, Liam and myself. Need any other first moves people intend by Wednesday, will post who fights who Thursday and look for volunteers to put together the random enemies lists at that point.