Sunday, December 20, 2009

Need to be sure I have this right: Small Campaign

Here is what I believe the current situation is for the small campaign. Please let me know ASAP if it is incorrect in any way.

Home: Sevastopol
Armenia: Rare Choice
Smyrna: non-unique Hero Choice
Ankara: 50 point Magic Item

Dogs of War
Home: Holland
Belgium: non-unique Hero Choice

Home: St. Petersburg
Sweden: non-unique Hero Choice
Finland: I need to know what this provides!

Home: Paris
Burgundy: Rare Choice
Picardy: non-unique Hero choice
Ruhr: non-unique Lord choice
Brest: I need to know what this provides!

Tomb Kings
Home: Marseilles
Spain: non-unique Hero choice
Portugal: I need to know what this provides!
Gascony: non-unique Lord choice

Wood Elf
Home: Greece
Serbia: Rare Choice
Bulgaria: non-unique Hero choice
Budapest: 2nd Home, + 1-100 point magic item (from Treasure Hunt scenario)
Rumania: Special, + 1-100 point magic item (from Treasure Hunt scenario)

Also, Kev, I know you are wise in the ways of you have a means of color-coding each person's territories? Can you modify a map? Liam has some stuff in paint if not, but if you can, that would be better.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anyone want to take over either or both campaigns?

I think it has become obvious I cannot run them.

Rules sets designed to be as clear and concise as possible have proven to be a morass of questions, people not getting them, them not making sense, whatever the problem(s) are...they are obviously very poorly written. they are as far from clear as can be and only seem to be getting worse.

Also, I cannot keep track of who has what and have a hard time dealing with how upset people got over the errors in record keeping and the problems and inequities it caused. It definitely put some people at a disadvantage and I have neither the time, energy, nor at this point interest in fixing it. So the following things are taking place more or less immediately:

1) I am dropping the Dwarf army. I see no way to play them competitively without being overpowered. They either need a gunline that is too big to be fun to go against or else will get crushed with my playstyle. So they are gone from the big campaign, even if I keep the site around for a while for my own amazement and amusement.

2) I am suspending both campaigns until someone takes them over or i can figure out a way to stay on top of them. We will just go back to one-offs for the foreseeable future.

3) If people e-mail me their results, what they currently hold, their current army lists in each location, I will ATTEMPT to update the website to make it accurate for whoever is coming in to run it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


All the games are lined up. I should get off pretty early Friday, so if anyone wants to play, text me or call me and we will get it on.

Also, everyone should know which of their armies are fighting "neutral" armies and which ones are not. I encourage you all to get together even apart from our scheduled get-togethers to get some of the games in.

If anyone needs to know who and how many points they are facing, you can do it three ways

1) You can e-mail me and I will provide what I rolled up for you to face, then you can get the list from whoever made it and get the game played.

2) The schedule for the small campaign can be found here or the schedule for the big games can be found here.

3) For the small campaign, the list of rolls for who you face can be found here.
So you can roll up your own, and of course if the scheduled army to oppose does not work, feel free to roll your own. Just let me know the results.

Also, I have been forgetting to have us roll on this chart:

Units which capture an enemy standard become elite. 1 time per game they may re-roll all their to-hit dice. If they gain a second elite status, they can do this twice per game and so forth to a maximum of 3 times per game. If the unit is ever broken or reduced to less than half strength, they lose all bonuses.

Characters who are with a unit that captures a standard or who kill enemy standard bearer in hand-to-hand combat or who kill an equal or greater character in hand to hand combat roll d6 and gain the noted ability:

1) Elite once per game may re-roll all to hit dice
2) Leader: Add +1 to any Leadership test once per game, must be declared before rolling the dice.
3) Attack: Once per game may add 1 attack to profile, must be declared before dice are rolled.
4) Strength: As above, except strength.
5) Toughness: As above, except Toughness.
6) Choose any of the above

Generals who win the game and survive roll d6 and gain the following benefit for the ensuing battle.

1) Beloved Commander: Units within 12" add +1 to Combat Results until a combat within 12" is lost.
2) Leadership: Re-roll any one Leadership Test
3) Mad Dog General: General adds +1 to his to-hit rolls until he is wounded or flees.
4) Inspiring Standard: roll d6. Army Standard adds this to their standard range for duration of battle.
5) Famous General: One time per game, a leadership test within 12" is automatically passed.
6) Victorious troops: Once per battle add +1 to combat result, must be declared prior to combat.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Small Campaign Moves

Don't forget to sign up for the big game "neutral armies", still have 3 slots to fill. Also sign up for the small game:

1) Need 400 points Lizardmen
2) Need 400 points Dwarfs
3) Need 550 points Lizardmen
4) Need 250 points Dwarfs
5) Need 300 points of Players Choice

Monday, December 7, 2009

Big Campaign, December 12th

I need volunteers to build the following

1) 1750 points Bretonnia
2) 2000 points Tomb Kings
3) 1750points Tomb Kings
4) 2000 points Dwarfs

Prefer the Tomb Kings to be someone other than Kenneth, the Brets to be someone other than Liam.

I still need first move from Phillip and Liam.

Also, for small campaign, I need moves from Liam, Phillip and Kevin